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Is RV travel truly the ultimate family vacation getaway? What makes the pastime of taking RV vacations so popular, with over 8 million RVs on the road in the US alone?

Good question, I thought. So, I decided to give myself a little writing assignment. 500 words or so. While writing this page I continuously thought to my self...

What's so great about RV travel?

Why are so many people, from all walks of life and from so many countries around the world, hooked on the RV lifestyle?

Is traveling by RV really the ULTIMATE FAMILY VACATION? And if so, why? 

Well after scratching my head for a while, furrowing my eyebrows for some time, and finally putting pin to paper, I think I have an answer you'll likely agree with.

According to a recent study by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), approximately 1/12 of all US households currently own a RV. That works out to something like 8 million on the road in the US alone! That's mind boggling.

This trend points to the obvious - Americans and many other like-minded people from around the world love to load up their RV and hit the road for excitement and adventure.

Nowadays, many RV owners opt for trips of relatively short duration, closer to home, at a much higher frequency than just a few years ago.

That's the end result - but it doesn't answer the WHY?

What advantages does the RV lifestyle offer?  Why is RV travel so popular and considered a great vacation by so many people?

A lot of it is based on what I call CamperTrails' 3xF Travel Concept: Freedom, Flexibility, & Fun

Here are the Top 10 leading reasons why people prefer RV travel to any other type of vacation:


RV owners are adventurous, they enjoy the flexibility and freedom to go where they want, when they want. This fits right in with CamperTrails' 3XF system (that's Freedom, Flexibility and Fun). With RV vacations, there is no need to worry about inflexible schedules and luggage restrictions. There is no need to plan ahead and make arrangements. RVers are free to take it one day at a time. In other words, remain in one place or change your destination according to your mood. Or do both - it's your decision. Bottom line? Only you determine the view you see from your window!


With RV travel, you don't have to give up the comforts of home. You are free to enjoy small winding highways and byways, quaint country towns, state parks, mountainous terrain and all the beauty the outdoors has to offer anytime of year. Modern motorhomes come fully equipped with kitchens and bathrooms, full home entertainment systems, air-conditioning and much more. That said, you can easily understand why motorhome vacations are so popular. Just strap your mountain bikes or any other outdoor sporting equipment onto the RV, and you're off to vacation heaven. As their name suggests (well, more than suggests, actually) Toy Hauler RVs are specially designed to allow RVers to take their toys - such as off-road vehicles on the road with them.


RVs, motorhomes, travel trailers and truch campers are great vechicles for family trips. When you take family vacations in a RV, everyone is close by, parents can spend quality time with their kids, and many RVers feel that it is a great way to bond. Do you have young kids? Take a vacation in an RV to get your kids outdoors, close to nature, and away from the stresses of city living.


Most novice and first time RVers are totally unaware that the RV can be permanently packed with all the heavy stuff and ready to go at a moments notice. All that's really needed is for you to pack a few clothes and your ready to hit the road. (The RV also makes a great storage space for extra garden furniture, back yard barbecue equipment, and other garden stuff. This tip courtesy of my wife.)


There's an RV for every taste and budget. Starting at around $4000, the sky is the limit. Nowadays especially, you can find great deals on used RVs. eBay always has a large offering, or just check your local classified ad - there are  really some great deals out there. These hard times dictate economic prudence - so buying a used RV or motorhome can be a wise decision. If you are contemplating a used RV, be sure to download our (free) used RV buying checklist.


When you go on a vacation in your RV, motorhome, travel trailer, truck camper, or 5th wheel trailer, you get the freedom and beauty of the great outdoors - right at your doorstep. Open your door and step out into the adventure you've always dreamed of. You can enjoy the beaches, lakes, and forests, the mountains, the flora and the fauna from up close and personal - without ever giving up the comforts of home. What can beat that?


When you choose motorhome travel, you can get as close to nature as is physically possible. You are limited ONLY by your imgination. If Nature is your passion, RV travel is the best way to go about getting outdoors and seeing the world.


RV travel is great for outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts. Get immediate access to the sports you love: hiking, bicycling, kayaking, fishing, golfing, racing - or whatever you feel like. Participant or spectator - the choice is yours to make!


Cost comparison studies show that in many instances, motorhome travel and RV vacations are more economical than a comparable vacation by car, cruise ship or resort. When you travel by RV, even when you figure in RV amortization, gas costs, RV camper park costs, food, entertainment and amenities, RV travel costs are significantly less (by a whopping 74%, according to RVIA studies).


Motorhomes and RV Campers offer owners a wide range of versatility. In addition to camping and other outdoor recreational activities, they can be used for many additional purposes such as visiting special interest outdoor shows, tailgating at sporting events and much more.

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