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Class A Motorhome

Class A motorhomes are what people usually think of when speaking of motorhomes. Practical in the wide open spaces of the United States, where they are also extremely popular, these are the slow, lumbering, gas-guzzling hogs that folks worry about getting stuck behind. They can, however, have a lot of class attached and are ideally suited to the serious, full-time RVer.

Relatively rare in Europe, they are much less practical in the more dense and congested areas where Class B motorhome & Class C motorhomes generally rule.

Class A Advantages

The main advantage of this type of motorhome can be summed up in one word: Luxury.

If you enjoy the plush lifestyle, and you want your vacation home-on-wheels to reflect that, you are likely to find that these motorhomes suit your lifestyle.

Luxury costs, however. These motorhomes can be pretty expensive both to buy and operate, which is why they tend to be more suited to the serious, full-time RVing community. Class A motorhomes come equipped with everything from leather chairs to complete home entertainment centers and big color TVs with satellite hookups.

Even moderately appointed rigs offer more room, which can prove a real comfort advantage in regard to the kitchen, bathroom and sleeping arrangements.

While most of this class of motorhomes usually come with ample cargo space, their power system might not be up to pulling a full payload over a winding mountain path. You should make sure to check this prior to renting or buying.

Class A Disadvantages

Their main disadvantages relate to their size: Big, lumbering beasts that guzzle gas, are relatively difficult to maneuver and require huge amounts of space for parking and turning.

These motorhomes are most practical when purchased for personal use rather than rented, as the operation learning curve and price make this a "professional level" recreational vehicle.

Prices can range between $100,000- $ 500,000 for 'off-the-shelf' models, and can exceed $1,000,000 for some custom vehicles.

Inexperienced drivers are often intimidated by the size of most Class A motorhomes.

In short:: If you are a committed RVer and can afford the expense, CLASS A motorhomes offer luxurious comfort on the road and are perfect for extended vacations.

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