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RV Travel Trailer and Motorhome Types?

This is an information source about RV travel trailers and motorhomes.

In North America, the term RECREATIONAL VEHICLE (or RV, as they are more commonly known), generally refers to a dual purpose vehicle that can also be used as a temporary or full time home - essentially, a MOTORHOME.

In Britain, on the other hand, common terms describing vehicles classified as RVs in the US are caravan, camper van and indeed, motorhome. In other parts of the English speaking world, such as Australia and New Zealand, the term RV may be used to describe a sport utility vehicle (SUV) or 4X4.

A minimal RV typically contains beds, a table, food preparation and storage areas. Larger models come with full bathrooms, refrigerators, living areas, master bedrooms and entertainment units. Some RVs
are very elaborate, with satellite TV and Internet access, slide-out sections, and awnings.

Most RVs can cost (new) from less than $10,000 to $500,000. Some of the more elaborate models can cost much more than that, some ranging upwards over $1 million.

As their name suggests, RVs are mainly used for recreational purposes. RVs have varied uses - from short vacations and camping trips to full-time living at various levels of comfort. RV travel is a burgeoning segment of the international travel industry, and many RV rental firms - both large and small - rent vehicles in many cities around the world.

Several Classes of Vehicles are Generally Classified as RVs:

folding camper trailer picture Truck Campers: Usually used on pickup trucks, a truck camper is a shell, usually made of fiberglass or aluminum, mounted atop the truck's rear bed. It is generally large enough to be suitable for camping purposes.

Pop-up Camping Trailers: This type of RV is a lightweight trailer unit with collapsible sides, for quick setup at the campsite and easy storage. The unit is suitable for towing by most vehicle types.

Caravans (sometimes called Travel Trailer): This is a towable unit with rigid sides, designed to be towed by larger vehicles.

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers: Designed to be towed by a pickup or medium duty truck with a special "Fifth Wheel" hitch.

Available in a range of comfort levels, this RV class usually has taller ceilings and slide-out walls. These are generally the most spacious of all RV models. Despite their size, however, they are quite easy to handle. Other great Fifth Wheel features include many home conveniences such as bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and entertainment units.

One of the greatest features to me is the ability to detach the tow vehicle from the trailer. You can then park your trailer and use the truck for sightseeing, shopping or basically whatever you please.

toy hauler pictureToy Hauler: Toy hauler trailers are one of the hottest trends in RVing, and a total hoot to boot. Going under several names, they are also known as Toy Box, Sport Utility Trailer (SUT), Sport Utility RV (SURV) and Ramp Trailer.

Designed as part living space - usually located in the front end of the vehicle - and part storage compartment in the rear, they are great for taking motorcycles, snowmobiles, watercraft, bicycles and the like on the road, and are a big hit with travelers who want to take their active lifestyle with them on vacation.

rv motorhome pictureMotorhome: The term originally referred to the vehicle manufactured by the Winnebago company almost 50 years ago and still serves as a synonym for vehicles produced by Winnebago Industries.

Now produced by many different manufacturers both in the US and abroad, the term "motorhome" has come to refer to single unit recreational vehicles, as opposed to the towable type.

Motorhomes are Divided into Three Separate Class Types:

Class A Motorhomes

Constructed on either a coach or commercial truck chassis, Class A motorhomes are what people usually think of when speaking of motorhomes. Practical in wide open spaces, these are the slow, lumbering, gas-guzzling hogs that folks worry about getting stuck behind. They can, however, have a lot of class attached and are ideally suited to the serious, full-time RVer.

Click here to learn more about Class A Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes

Class Bs are built using a conventional van which has had a raised roof added or the back replaced by a low-profile body. Modern Class B motorhomes have progressed far since the early days of van conversions.

You will find that today's Class B motorhome can be as fully appointed as many a full-sized motorhome. They are also much easier to maneuver in urban settings, and are much easier to use, especially for drivers who are not accustomed to driving large vehicles.

Class B motorhomes are very popular as rental vehicles, especially in Europe. They are also popular with former full-time RV addicts who want to continue RVing on occasion but don't want the upkeep and expense of owning a large Class A motorhome, or for families with older children who need a dual purpose vehicle that gets more than just weekend use.

Click here to learn more about Class B Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes

Class Cs are built on a truck chassis with and attached cab section. Class C motorhomes are intermediate in size, being larger than the Class B's, yet smaller than the Class A's.

These midrange motorhomes offer many of the advantages of bigger motorhomes, yet generally take up less space and are easier to handle on some roads. They are easier to drive and maneuver than the average Class A, and are essentially a motorhome body stuck on a van chassis.

Click here to learn more about Class C Motorhomes

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