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It's a no-brainier why we like Boondocking in Arizona

When winter rolls around, my first thought is boondocking in Arizona.

Why you ask?

For two reasons, first I can't stand cold weather. I don't have much body fat so when the weather turns seasonable cold, I can feel it in my bones as they ache. Because of this very reason I also look to travel to a state with warmer weather during winter months. Like most people do.

Second, I live on a fixed income and limited budget and despite this fact I love to travel. My travels sometime take me out on road trips for months at a time, were I live from out of my RV.

Which brings to me to the point of why Arizona has become one of my most desirable states for rv boondocking -- free rv camping.

Camp for Free in Arizona

Yes, you can camp for free in Arizona. I'm sure you already know that Arizona is a beautiful and scenic state with plenty of territory to see and explore. That said, you should not be surprised that lots of other people feel the same way as you about Arizona.

Each winter these same people rush to the popular Arizona overcrowded Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVAs). This is good news for you, because most people will spend plenty of their money hold up during the winter at these LTVAs, leaving the "less known about" free camping sites for your sometimes exclusive use.

Most of the 100 or so camping sites and rv campground where you can camp for free in Arizona, to this day,  still remain a secret to many RVer, campers and hikers.

I'll admit, up until recently these secret boondocking locations were unknown to me as well. That is until I stumbled across a valuable resource published by Marianne Edwards called "RV Boondocking in Arizona".Boondocking in Arizona e-book

Newly discovered RV Boondocking ebook teaches you how to camp for free in Arizona

Let me tell you about this new ebook I'm selling.  It is the best resource I know that'll teach you how to camp for free and tell you how to save yourself hundreds of dollars on your next trip.

I have to tell you about this ebook, in case you know anyone...who might want to know more free camping options that exist in Arizona.

We after reading Marianne's ebook, I was so excited that I packed up the RV and tested what she taught me. After being on the road for a few months I was able to confirm that the valuable information she gave me in fact helped me shave over a thousands $$ of my travel cost in a few months.

Having said that, your probably now curious wondering how, I...

Save Hundred of Dollars per month Boondocking and Camping for Free In Arizona

By far most of my saving came about by using the free camp sites and dump stations the Marianne recommends in here excellent resource guide RV Boondocking in Arizona. As, I didn't stay at one camp ground for more than a day or two, considerable money was saved staying at free RV camping  sites throughout Arizona, on average I saved the $25-30 per night fees I would have spent staying at a paid campsite. Overall my camping fees were less that $115 bucks of about 1-1/2 months.

If you'd like to save on camping fees click over to Marianne's website to purchase her ebook for less that the cost of one nights stay at an average priced campground.

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