Buying a Used RV Checklist

Use our Buying a used RV checklist to ensure you get a great used RV or Motorhome

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How to use "Buying a used RV checklist":

Once you have carried out the check, click on the box at the left. If you have any remarks, type them in on the box on the right. Once you have checked all the items you require and are done with your check, you can just print it out for your records (by clicking on the print icon at the top of your browser).

IMPORTANT: When using our buying a used RV checklist, always do a walk-around inspection and check the RV in person.
Bring with you:


Spark plug wrench


Lug wrench

Heavy duty jack

Air gauge

Paper towels, wet wipes


Things to Check: CHASSIS

Tires: Cracking? Excessive wear? Signs of misalignment? Proper inflation?

Rims: Dents, cracks? All bolts present and tight?

Excessive wheel bearing play?

Brakes: Leaking lines? Excessive wear?

Drive shaft: excessive free-play in u-joints?

Exhaust: Excessive rust? Holes? All hangars in place?

Fluid Leaks?

Any signs of chassis damage from rocks, debris, etc.?

Lube points look properly maintained

Hitch - Properly mounted?

Spare tire: Present and in good condition?

Sufficient jack available?

Holding tank(s) condition?

Storage compartments - rust? Leaks?

Recent emission test?

Propane tank(s) condition? Any leaks (odors)?

Things to Check: ROOF

Overall condition - hail damage?

Signs of leaks or repairs?

Cracked/broken vent covers, etc.?

Proper mounting of accessories?

Things to Check: ENGINE

Oil level and appearance?

Brake fluid level and appearance?

Transmission fluid level and appearance? Radiator rust or corrosion?

Radiator level and appearance?

Spark plug condition? (remove and inspect)

Loose hoses or wires?

Air cleaner - Proper seal? Filter Condition?

Carburetor - Clean? Freely moving parts?

Battery leakage or corrosion? Water levels? (if applicable) Charged?

Belts/hoses in good condition?

Things to Check: INTERIOR

Signs of water damage or leaks? Check vents and windows especially

Fridge in working order on propane, DC and AC (if applicable)

Stove/oven in working order?

Water heater in working order?

Electric pump operating?

Heater and thermostat in working order?

Roof mounted air working properly?

Converter works properly?

All lights and accessories functional?

Wiring appears safe?

Sink(s) drain properly?

Toilet works properly?

Shower works, drains properly?

Signs of propane leaks - odor?

Windows and doors open and close properly?

Entry door latch in safe working order?

Owners manuals?
Things to Check: TEST-DRIVE

Engine starts easily?

Wipers function properly?

Headlights, turn signals work properly?

Horn works?

Radio functional?

Gauges and indicators working properly?

Engine: Smooth running? Sufficient power? Excessive noise?

Brakes: Positive feel? Smooth operation? Excessive pedal travel? Pulling? Noise?

Transmission: Shifts smoothly? Excessive noise? All positions work?

Exhaust noise or odor?

Excessive steering play? Wheel centered?

Internal noise, rattles?

Windshield condition?

Things to Check: AFTER TEST-DRIVE

Check hubs for excessive heat after test-drive

Check for radiator leaks, levels

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