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Motorhome FAQs

MOTORHOME FAQs - We have been asked many 'HOW TO' and 'WHAT IF' questions over the years. Here are some of the more common questions we have provided answers for.

Motorhome FAQs About Renting

Rent a Camper, or buy?

Answer this - do you want to follow the open trail full-time? If the answer is 'YES', then buying is for you. (You can find some great deals on second hand campers and motorhomes on eBay, by the way).

If you plan to use your RV occasionally, or if you want to travel abroad or far from home, then the savings on annual upkeep and storage will easily cover your air tickets. Plus you also save a lot of precious vacation time when you travel to your destination by air rather than on the ground.

I for one, prefer renting. I think it makes good sense economically and practically. But it really is a lifestyle question. The choice is yours, really. Just remember to base your decision on CamperTrails' 3XF system (Freedom, Flexibility & Fun) , and you're sure to make the right decision. This is probably the most popular motorhome faqs.

When do I need to make my reservation?

You would be well advised to make your reservation as soon your travel dates are finalized. The supply of RV rental vehicles is relatively small - much smaller than that of car rentals, and the demand is growing continually - so it is best to book as soon as you have decided on your destination.

Many RV rental companies have a 60 day no-penalty cancellation policy, so you can change or cancel your booking before then. This way, you can relax with the knowledge that you will have a great trip in a first class RV of your choosing.

Take into account that most rental companies price their vehicles at seasonal rates. If you can travel in off-peak season periods, you will probably find renting considerably cheaper than renting in the peak holiday periods.

What size RV should I rent?

Most newbie camper renters when asked will admit they should have opted for a larger RV.

As most units come equipped with galleys, refrigerators, central heating, bathrooms and the like, take into account the vehicle size with relation to the number of passengers you intend to be on board, vehicle handling specifications with regard to your driving skills and also of course the total rental cost.

Can I rent an RV during the winter?

Depends on the rental agency, as many cease operations during the winter months. But how about the southern hemisphere? Our winter is their summer - and a great time to travel too.

Are Motorhome rented by the day or week?

This is at the sole discretion of the rental agencies. The minimum period you are most likely to find is 3 nights, after that you can rent the RV by the day.

Longer periods of time are usually discounted. The standard minimum rental period is one week. Take into account that most rental companies price their vehicles at seasonal rates. You will probably find renting in the pre-summer months to be considerably cheaper than renting in the peak holiday periods.

What equipment usually comes with the rental unit, and what should I bring with me or rent?

Basically, what you see (on your rental agreement) is what you get.

Many RV rental agencies offer kitchen and bedding packs at an additional charge for people flying into their location. Many also offer bicycles, bicycle racks, and a wide assortment of extras.

As a rule, check the agencies list of supplies on their order form for any additional equipment you might require or contact them for clarification.

Driving Related Motorhome FAQs

Is Pick-up and delivery to the airport available?

Some RV rental agencies will meet you at the airport with your motor home. Others will prefer you come to their facility and carry out a thorough check up and RV inspection before issuing you operating instructions. This is the preferred option, especially if this is your first RV rental experience.

What kind of driver's license do I need?
The usual answer to that is the one you have now. A current valid driver's license or a current international license form your country or province is usually all that is required. A special license may be required when renting an especially large vehicle, although most rental RVs are generally of a weight that does not require a special license.

If in doubt, check with the regional authorities in which the RV will be rented or with the RV rental company for a specific ruling on the acceptability of your license.

What type of RV insurance is needed?

Liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage is required when renting a recreational vehicle. Contact your rental agency for a "trip binder." If that is not available, most rental agencies provide insurance with full coverage.

Can I take my rental unit across geographical borders?

In most cases, the answer to that is usually yes, but you need to ask the question of the company from which you are planning to rent the RV.

This is particularly true in Europe, where crossing with your rental into former East-European countries might be prohibited or require special insurance coverage.

Is any special documentation required for our rental unit when crossing borders?

Generally you need the appropriate personal documentation for identification and ownership information for your trailer or motorhome. Your rental agency will supply you with all details if required.

General Motorhome FAQs

How many people can travel comfortably in an RV?

There are guidelines for weight capacities that appear on all rental agents websites.

What happens if we break down and the RV needs to be repaired?

If a problem occurs you should contact the rental agency before proceeding with repair. Depending on the type of fault, you will probably be reimbursed by the rental agency for any expenses, but you must clear this with them beforehand and provide them with all receipts. Usually you are covered for any mechanical failure, but you will be ultimately responsible for damage due to neglect or abuse in accordance with the insurance policy you took out.

What expenses am I responsible for?

Other than the rental fee, you will usually be charged a sales tax according to the country or state you are renting from. Other than that, you will likely be responsible for refilling the gasoline tank and propane gas tank before return. You will also most likely be responsible for emptying the holding tanks before return, or will have to pay a surcharge to have it done for you.

In general, many rental agencies offer an optional package that includes RV cleaning, propane refill, and holding tank service upon return.

What types of RVs will accommodate small children?

Most motor homes can accommodate at least four people and would thus have four seat belt positions. You will need to discuss your needs with your RV dealer. Generally there should be one belted seating position for each bed - this assumes that only one person will sleep in the bed. Most agencies can also supply you with booster seats for small children.

Did not find what you were searching for in motorhome FAQs? Send us your question - we'll post a reply as soon as possible.

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