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The expense of RV repairs can be costly for some people. While for some RV owners the cost to repair a rv can be considerabley less. That said, at this point you're probably wondering "why does one owner pay more to repair a RV that another?". This is a great question.

The main and most common reason revolves around whether or not an owner performs preventative maintenance. For what I can tell, through observation and from my own experience, owners who perform preventative maintenance on their trailers and motorhomes end up paying far less money for RV maintenance and repair cost.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance may be a new term for you, therefore, I'll give you a general definition. This form of maintenance is performed on your RV or trailer before a problem exists, that forces you to take a trip to the repair shopt or service department for costly repairs.

Any good preventive maintenance program will consist of routine checks that you must perform on the major systems and components of your trailer or motorhome (i.e. engine, roof, chassis, batteries, fluids, holding tank, appliances, tires, etc) to prevent breakages and malfunctions. Click here for a sample preventative checklist you can use.

It's important that you understand, these preventive maintenace checks are in addition to any recommended scheduled maintenance events. Oftentimes, RV manufacturers will recommend preventive maintenance checks in their rv repair manuals.

The Most Common RV Repair Projects

RV refrigerator repair and RV roof repair are by far the most frequently researched and searched for repair types for RVs and motorhomes.

Have You Ever Repaired A RV?

If you are an experienced RVer who has repaired a RV before, we invite you to share your experience and give back to the RV community. We'd like to hear from you, all we asked is for you to explain and tell us about you best RV REPAIR tips and techniques for getting a RV or motorhome up and running.

Just leave us your comment if you have something to SAY. To do so please enter a title (that describes what you want to talking about) in the box below. Then click the link to show the form where you can enter additional details and/or explain how to repair RVs, motorhomes, or trailers.

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