Are You Planning A RV Vacation Or Road Trip? If So, Here Are Some Things To Do Before Leaving Home

To prepare for your RV vacation or road trip we've creating a handy things to do before leaving home RVtravel checklist.

Once you have carried out the check, click on the box at the left. If you have any remarks, type them in on the box on the right.

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RV Travel Checklist - Things To Do Before Leaving Home
Turn on motorhome refrigerator a few days before leaving to be sure it works, to begin freezing ice cubes, and to load frozen foods.
Leave license plate number of RV with friend or relative. 
Leave telephone numbers and addresses of stops en route with friend or relative.
Make arrangements for mail: (1) use mail forwarding service or (2) ask appropriate person to handle mail while you are away or (3) arrange with post office to forward or hold mail.
Get maps and tour books as needed and place in passenger seat area.
Call neighbors on either side of house and perhaps across the street to let them know your departure and return dates. Also notify police of these dates.
Stock the RV with groceries or use what you have on hand.
Check on fuel for motorhome, fill tank as needed.
Check on propane gas, fill as needed.
Obtain supply of oil for motorhome engine.
Stop newspaper.
Get a few roll of quarters from your bank. Handy for anything from Laundromats to pay phones.
Get cash in $10 & $20 bills.
Pay ahead the following bills:
- house and car insurance
- vehicle fuel bill
- gas and electric
- telephone bill
- fuel oil bill

To go along with the "things to do before leaving home" checklist above we offer the following suggestion.

Packing Suggestions

  • General - A general rule of thumb when packing is to multiply the required item amount by the number of members in the party. However this is not always true when computing required amounts of toiletry items, for instance, so just use common sense (and this checklist, of course) to figure out the amounts you need to take along.
  • Clothes - If you are not going to a location where you are completely sure of the weather, you should bring at least one set of clothes for all seasons. Even if you are just packing for a weekend trip, the weather may change dramatically. The RV lifestyle is very casual, so bring your hanging out clothes. You'll find you wear the same few outfits over and over. Also pack two dinner casual outfits and at least one dressy outfit. You should also add everyday items such as underwear, socks, hose, shoes, pajamas, bedroom slippers, and jewelry. Don't forget a bathrobe.
  • Shoes - Bring hiking boots, tennis shoes, one pair of dress shoes and flip flops. The flip flops are good for using at campground showers. You should also bring along lightweight boots that go over shoes and winter boots as well if you're likely to be in snowbound areas.
  • Coats - Bring one light jacket and one winter jacket. Make sure that at least one of them is waterproof.

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That's about it! Now you know about all the things to do before leaving home. Which means you'll be organized and prepared if you follow the suggestions as laid out in our RV checklist.

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