RV Travel Checklist 4 - Kitchen and Household Items

This travel checklist for common kitchen and household items is very popular. The RV checklist contains all the items you will need for your upcoming trip or vacation.  We also offer a FREE checklist that is downloadable and printable, click here to get the list.

Just below this paragraph is our handy online version of the kitchen and household items checklist. Use the checklist as follows...

For the items that interest you, click the checkbox to the left of the item you want. Next add the quantity in the field on the right. You are ready to print, once you have checked all the items you require. You can print by clicking on the print icon at the top of your browser.

Not everyone will require each and every item on our list. Matter of fact, some folks require items we did not listed. For those items use the empty fields we provided.

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# Days:
Check Item Description Quantity


Dishes, Flatware
Coffee mugs
One large and one small frying pan
One large and one small cooking pot
Set of stackable mixing/salad bowls
Set of cooking utensils
One baking sheet
Solid measuring cups
Liquid measuring cup
Measuring spoons
Pot holders
Coffee maker
Can opener
Paper plates
Plastic utensils
Plastic cups and beakers
Butcher knife
Paring knife
Serrated-edge knife
Sieve spoon
Large serving spoon
Cork Screw
Ice cream dipper
Cutting board
Tea kettle
Water container
Plastic storage containers
Grill and fuel
Ziplock bags
Aluminum foil
Plastic wrap
Plastic trash bags

Paper towels


Non-slip shelf liner

Dish towels

Table cloth / picnic blanket
Hot mats
Wastebaskets (one for kitchen area and one for bath area)
Fly swatter
Steel wool pads
Plastic scrubber for removing dried-on foods from cookware
Laundry detergent
Spot-and-stain remover

Picnic basket

Toilet-bowl brush

Powdered milk

Coffee singles

Instant oatmeal

Breakfast bars

Snack foods

Canned foods


Salt and pepper

Liquid soap or detergent

Cleaning supplies


Matches/ lighter


Thermal Blankets
Pillows and pillow cases

Thermal Bedspread

Mattress cover
Goose-down comforter
Sleeping bags
Folding chairs/table

Nightstand stuff


Postage stamps

Living Room Sofa pillows
Broom for sweeping scatter rugs and awning outside
Whisk broom
Mud rug for outside entrance steps to RV

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